Young Scholars and Artists Academy

You want to join an interdisciplinary team of eminent young artists and researchers? Join the select team of the Young Scholars and Artists Academy.

The Young Scholars and Artists Academy is Poland's first initiative in its kind. Set up in 2010, the Academy supports young talent in arts and sciences. The Academy provides a platform for free and lively top quality interdisciplinary exchange.

Memberships are granted in recognition of the activity and achievements of young scholars and artists. The Academy's activity is held under the auspices of Honorary Chapter presided by Wrocław Mayor Rafał Dutkiewicz.

The Chapter provides the Academy with opportunities for further growth and connecting to researchers both in Poland and globally.

The Young Scholars and Artists Academy serves as an advisory body to the Mayor of Wrocław. The Academy members are given a chance to pursue a variety of joint initiatives at the interface of arts and sciences. They can organise lecture or workshop series of their own or invite eminent scientists and science and innovation promoters.

Members of the Young Scholars and Artists Academy can also create interdisciplinary research teams and pursue research projects. The Academy follows in the footsteps of its sister initiatives from Germany in that both the members and the Chapter are obliged to seek opportunities for business collaboration (foundations). However, the Academy's activity is defined in detail by its members, who shape the future of the institution and select areas to be pursued by it. Memberships are granted for five years.