Wrocław Magnolia

Are you in your final year at university and contemplate the subject of your thesis? Perhaps you know how to improve the quality of life in Wrocław? You can win as much as 10 thousand PLN.

Wrocław is one of the major academic centres in Poland, and as such it is particularly devoted to promoting talents in the city. The city authorities recognise the potential and commitment of young people by creating a variety of initiatives such as the City Scholarship Programme or the competition for the best Master's thesis. One such activity is “Wrocław Magnolia”, a competition for the best Master's thesis designed to improve the quality of life in Wrocław.

The “Wrocław Magnolia” competition is designed for the graduates of Wrocław universities (both public and private-owned) who in their Master's theses have addressed the quality of life in Wrocław (environment conservations, health and grounds management). Winners can garner as much as 10 thousand PLN.

The competition is held annually to support talents at Wrocław universities. The award from the Wrocław City Office is presented in recognition of the talent and diligence of young people, who are in turn encouraged to stay in Wrocław as professionals.
The goal of the competition is also to promote and make the most of the findings offered by the best Master's theses. Many of the winners in the competition are now researchers and entrepreneurs who know how to pursue their passions. They are the best evidence that investment in talent always pays off.

Organised under the auspices of the Mayor of Wrocław, the competition is carried out by the Academic Cooperation Bureau at the Municipal Office of Wroclaw.