Wrocław Alumnus

The Wrocław Alumnus Programme was carried out to provide an integrated course for university students to increase their chances of success in the competitive job market of today.

The Wrocław Alumnus Programme was inspired by a series of conversations with Wrocław-based entrepreneurs that are coordinated by the Wrocław City Office through the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and the Wrocław Academic Centre.

University graduates and their skills were criticised from two major angles. Firstly, it was pointed out that young people lack the know how to accomplish particular tasks in particular companies. Secondly, many of the university graduates were found to be lacking in universal skills that are not related to particular or temporary news of contemporary business (considering how fast professional tools develop these days).

Wrocław Alumnus brought a specific, measurable and relevant proposal to connect universities and entrepreneurs in the latter area. The Programme was focused on the skills that can be described as a toolbox for contemporary professionals and contemporary workplaces.

The model provided for an integrated course in competences required from interdisciplinary teams in the modern workplace. The aim of the course was to develop Wrocław university graduates and increase their chances of success in the competitive job market.

The course was composed of several modules to develop skills that are prized in modern professionals: the ability to cooperate and communicate effectively in an interdisciplinary team; foreign language skills; numerical skills; creative problem-solving skills.