Student Scholarship Programme

The Municipal Office of Wroclaw Wrocław City Office goes out of its way to provide effective support to young and talented people and create conditions conducive to their academic development and pursuing their passions and capabilities. One such way is the Student Scholarship Programme.

The Municipal Office of Wroclaw provides subsidies to Wrocław students and PhD candidates in recognition of their academic activity and as an incentive to continue their work and continuously improve their results. The Programme also fosters university exchange by providing opportunities for Wrocław students to study globally in order to gain new and valuable expertise, which they can later use in their academic activity to build a knowledge-based economy.

Pursuant to the Resolution of the Wrocław City Council No. XXII/479/16 of 17th March 2016 on the principles of granting and calculating scholarships as part of the Student Scholarship Programme, the following candidates are eligible for the Programme:

  • first-year students of long-cycle Master's and short-cycle Bachelor's full-time programmes of study at public and private-owned universities who have won national subject contests and competitions and were admitted to university without the qualification procedure;
  • third-year students and older of long-cycle Master's full-time programme, third-year students of short-cycle Bachelor's full-time programme and first-year students and older of short -cycle Master's full-time programme at public and private-owned universities who are eligible for studies abroad;
  • PhD candidates at Wrocław public and private-owned universities and PhD training centres who have outstanding achievements in the fields important for the development of Wrocław. Candidates should be able to document outstanding achievements in any of the six scholarship categories:
  1. Ludwik Hirszfeld Scholarship for Life and Medical Sciences;
  2. Hugo Steinhaus Scholarship for Mathematical Sciences;
  3. Max Born Scholarship for Physical and Chemical Sciences;
  4. Wincenty Styś Scholarship for Social Sciences and Humanities;
  5. Jerzy Grotowski Scholarship for Arts;
  6. Jan Mozrzymas Scholarship for Interdisciplinary Research.

Organised under the auspices of the Mayor of Wrocław, the task is carried out by the Academic Cooperation Bureau at the Wrocław City Office.