Mozart Programme

A Wrocław-based company is seeking a scientist. Contact details:”. What we do is extraordinary. You Create something extraordinary - we subsidise partnership collaboration.

MOZART, or the City Programme for the Promotion of the Partnership Between Universities and Business was adopted by the City Council of Wrocław in 2012. The aim of the Programme is to support the Wrocław job market by connecting local business to researchers and their intellectual potential.

The Municipal Office of Wroclaw provides subsidies to science and business partnerships to help them execute their projects in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, medicine, construction, IT and robotics.

Participants in the Programme can tap into the intellectual potential of scientists, whose broad expertise can be used for the benefit of the company. Researchers in turn are offered an opportunity to work in the business environment and use their knowledge in practice.

The flexible formula of the Programme allows researchers to combine their scholarly duties with their business engagements. This is extremely precious because it allows researchers to benefit from their newly acquired business acumen in their daily academic practice. As a result, universities are able to provide modern and regularly updated programmes of study that are suited to the emerging needs in the job market. University graduates are better prepared to take on professional roles in the future.

Former editions of the Programme demonstrate that the partnership collaboration drives innovative solutions, products and services. As a result, companies are able to increase their turn-over, which translates into the growth of local businesses and new jobs in the market.

Subsidies are available to the following partnerships:

  • between a scientist with a PhD or a higher degree, employed at a university, higher professional education institution or research unit as an academic teacher or researcher
  • and an entrepreneur providing employment in the City of Wrocław.

First applications were accepted in 2012, while the latest 6th editions will be completed in the academic year 2016/2017. Organised under the auspices of the Mayor of Wrocław, the competition is carried out by the Academic Cooperation Bureau at the Municipal Office of Wroclaw.