Green Transfer

Solar-powered vehicles, fuel from waste, smart greenhouses, environmentally friendly chemicals and healthy lighting were but a few topics addressed by Wrocław-based researchers as part of the Green Transfer project.

The Green Transfer project is a business placement programme for researchers; the task was carried out by the Academic Cooperation Bureau at the Wrocław City Office. The focus of the placements was on driving technology to improve the quality of life, promoting renewable and alternative sources of energy and promoting IT (three key areas addressed by the Lower Silesia Innovation Strategy). Placements were secured with nearly 4 million PLN from the Human Capital Operational Programme (priority: 8.2.1; Knowledge Transfer).

As part of the project, 30 researchers from Wrocław universities were offered placements in 15 companies operating in Lower Silesia. The project served as an opportunity for the scientists to harness their newly acquired business acumen and create research papers on a number of subjects. Placements and research papers were focused on reducing CO2 emissions, improving the quality of life in Wrocław and the entire region of Lower Silesia.