Visiting Professors

The Visiting Professors Programme brings a series of visits from eminent scientists, artists and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The Programme is subsidised from the city budget (the Scientiae Wratislaviensis Fund). Visiting Professors arrive in Wrocław on the invitation from the Wrocław Mayor, rectors of Wrocław universities and directors of Wrocław research institutes. The visits are in turn organised and seen to by the universities and research institutes.

Visiting Professors Programme provides a platform to exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences for Wrocław scientists and their foreign guests, which adds to the diversity of Wrocław academia and makes it truly international. Lectures and workshops are devoted to a variety of topics pursued by Wrocław-based researchers. The residents are also invited to join the events.

The project brings a unique opportunity for the residents to engage with eminent scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. This unique opportunity to attend lectures and workshops from eminent figures in science, art and business is there to inspire creativity in residents and encourage them to experiment and think “out of the box” and innovative, which naturally translates into the development of the city.

The Visiting Professors Programme was established on the initiative of the Wrocław Mayor and the Chapter of the Rectors of Universities in Wrocław and Opole to demonstrate that the City Office is ready to address the needs of academic researchers as part of the Wrocław development strategy; the task is carried out by the Academic Cooperation Bureau at the Municipal Office of Wroclaw.