About the Wrocław Academic Centre

Created and subsidised by the local authorities, the Wrocław Academic Centre (also known as the WCA) connects the Wrocław City Office and the academic world.

Focus on diversity

  • We are recognised among students as City Scholarship Programme coordinators and the leaders of the Affordable Housing for Young Researchers and PhD Candidates Programme.
  •  Scholars and entrepreneurs know they can rely on our support in pursuing their R&D projects. We are also known as the creators of the Young Scholars and Artists Academy and the coordinators of the Visiting Professors Programme.
  •  Academic leaders know about our expertise in development policy and job market issues. We go out of our way to help resolve challenges that universities face while collaborating with business and society.

We do three major things

  •  Firstly, we pursue projects of our own. This is a lion's share of our activity, as part of which we seek academic talents, develop the job market and pursue economic and social development policies.
  •  Secondly, if possible and required, we also provide counselling to universities. We address a variety of issues to foster unity in academia while encouraging universities to cooperate closely with entrepreneurs and other economic and social actors.
  •  Thirdly, we constantly strive to broaden and arrange information on development trends for universities and local governments. The most dispersed as it is, the last branch of our activity is a guarantee that our projects or initiatives are always a good and relevant choice. 
  • We do not run promotional campaigns or admission processes for universities.
  • We are employees of theMunicipal Office of Wroclaw.

The Wrocław Academic Centre is Poland's first initiative of this kind. The Centre is managed by Professor Tadeusz Luty.