About Wrocław Academic Hub

Wrocław Academic Hub is the municipal university liaison.

Our portfolio is multi-dimensional.

  • Students in Wrocław know us for our scholarship programme and our housing assistance scheme.
  • Academics and entrepreneurs in Wrocław know us for our funding of research and development pilots. They also know we were behind the founding of Academy of Young Scientists and Artists. And they are familiar with our role of Municipal Visiting Professor’s scheme coordinator.
  • Academic leaders in Wrocław are aware we have a good grasp of a range of policy issues, including development and labour market discussions. They know we may offer a hint on how to optimise university’s third mission agenda.
  • We do three things*.
  •  We implement our own projects. That’s by far the biggest chunk of our portfolio. We deal with academic talents, labour market and development policy issues.
  •  Then, we are a community stop for academics considering and defining steps to take as a part of the modern higher education agenda. We contribute to many discussions – integration of the academic community, university-business relations, university-city relations.
  •  Finally, we continually expand and structure our knowledge about the strategic policies and approaches taking root in the academia and in Wrocław. This work is unassuming and happens back stage, but since our launch in 2008 it has given us the intelligence to hit the mark with new initiatives and projects.

We are not involved in public communication or promotion. We are not engaged in recruitment activities of Wrocław universities.

We are staff members of the City Hall.

The Wrocław Academic Hub is Poland’s first university-city-business platform. It is strategically supervised by professor Tadeusz Luty.

* Our operations are based in Wrocław and focus on Wrocław.